Air Freight

Worldwide Air Cargo
ESTMA together with its European network of partners is one of the largest air forwarders in Europe with the worldwide coverage.
It is also one of the largest cargo agents for all airlines in Estonia. We work with all airlines, which are represented by their direct offices or via their GSAs in Estonia and Latvia. ESTMA is one of the largest cargo agents for all airlines in Estonia.

For those places inaccessible directly from Estonia and Latvia.

ESTMA co-operates with most of the leading and smaller air-carriers
For those places inaccessible directly from Estonia, using only those airlines represented in the country, we use combined air transport solution, involving our partners’ offices around the globe, where the particular air carrier requested is available. This is the only way to satisfy our customers’ needs—full service packages for all destinations in the world, oversized cargo and for time-sensitive shipments. Representing airlines well known in the world, we can be most flexible in our selection of different flights and means of transport to meet all time- and price-sensitive requests. Our highly qualified and experienced personnel, the offices and warehouses situated close to Tallinn, Riga, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, enables ESTMA to offer the best possible solutions for world-wide airfreight.

We use Road Feedering Services and cargo trucks offered by airlines, our own trailers or those of our business partners to bring cargo to airlines’ consolidation hubs. These air cargo trucks have definite and “keep in time schedule” routes between Tallinn, Riga, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and main airline hubs.

Combined and Customized services

Combination of different means of transport; generation of fastest and safest routes, offering competitive prices on larger quantities of goods deliveries from all major centers of the world.

ESTMA offers both fixed products and special individually customized solutions to suit needs of our customers depending on time limitations, size and nature of the specific cargo for transportation, as well as route and transport choice

Airport to Airport service
Airfreight from one country’s to another all over the world (long-haul services with eventual distribution) with the pick-up option.

We deliver goods according to customers’ preferences and specifications

Door-to-Door service
Full package solutions consisting of comfortable door-to-door delivery services and customs services in more than 150 countries all over the world through our own organization and worldwide network of partners.

Warehousing services
In our disposition fully equipped Customs Bonded Warehouse organizing secure and reliable storage for all types of cargoes requiring varying warehousing conditions.

We handle all bookings and necessary documentation, including all customs formalities.